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Welcome to "The TikTok war" wiki! This wiki was made so that role-players can use something to role-play on! This meme is dying but hopefully, it'll last for a few more months! This Wiki Page belongs to Trakz. The best way to navigate as of now is by the search button above or the updated pages below. Enjoy!


"In the year 2018, gamers and furries fell out with each other, and caused the most horrifying war man-kind has ever seen... as the war progressed new types of methods were used to kill and interrogate... Many fell, some betrayed, and some fled the warzone, but there is hope..."

The TikTok war is a role-playing scenario that uses a meme context. Everything here should not be taken seriously. It's a work in progress but it should be enough to educate yourself on the situation. All information on this site was correct as of November.

Disclaimer: Note that this site, being completely a joke is pro-gamers. No hate intended.

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