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Our Troops singing the National Anthem

Origin Edit

On 11/14/2018, YouTube user "theredcat" composed the national anthem of the Gamer Rebellion Union. This was unofficially used during Furry-Free February to the tune of an old Patriotic song 'Rhodesians Never Die', and was adopted during No Nut November, when the Furries captured troops and attempted to convert them by force.

The Anthem Edit

Here's the Story of the Gamers,who made their own new state

On November the 10th, a day of fair and great

This was much against the wishes of certain artifacts

Whose sent us furries to break us down and make us all repent


'Cuz we're all Gamers, and we'll fight through thicc and thin

We'll keep our kitchens a free land, stop the furries from coming in

We'll keep them north of the Nether, till their lava falls running Dry

And this mighty race will prosper, for gamers never die!

They can send their dogs to murder, and blabber their words of hate

But the cost of keeping TeamSpeak free can never be too great

For our Men and Boys are fighting for what they admire dear,

That this server and it's admins will never disappear!


We'll protect this little faction,

For the noobs' noobs too

Once you're a gamer

No other life will do

We'll stand tall in the Sunshine with the slavs and weebs on our side

and if we spawn alone, we'll spawn alone with pride!


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