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The Brony Axis are currently not participating in this war, but are close allies of the Furries. They are known best for being fans of the childrens' TV show: My Little Pony.  They have similar traits to the furries and weeaboos, infact they are their very hybrid, leaning more toward furries. They tend to cosplay different characters and collect their plushies and props whilst having a wide imagination. The female counterpart is called the Pegasister, a reference to the Pegasus species in the animation series.

The Impact Edit

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An example of a Brony in the colours of the character 'Rainbow Dash'.

When the staged coup took place, the Furries assumed that the Brony Axis would automatically join the effort. But, to their surprise, they refused to participate, which heavily delayed the impact on the attack. The weak spot of this was that now the Gamers could gather troops and call for back-up. Although they are not officially at war, they often send reinforcements and supplies for the Furries.
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